Help Fannie Barnes in the Fight Against Homelessness

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“Let’s Build Together” Fannie Bowl



USI Fannie Barnes is calling for solidarity in the fight against homelessness. The Fannie Bowl Fundraiser will unite the community in a night of advocacy and fundraising  It takes all of us to build up our community – let’s build together.

In January 2013, there were 50,100 homeless people, including 12,000 homeless families with 21,000 homeless children, sleeping each night in the New York City municipal shelter system. Families comprise more than three-quarters of the homeless shelter population.

Poverty, a lack of affordable housing, eviction, overcrowded housing domestic violence, and hazardous housing conditions has led to homelessness for many Brooklyn families.  According to the Institute for Children Poverty and Homelessness the largest population of homeless families in Brooklyn can be found in may of the communities served by Urban Strategies including East New York, Bedford Stuyvesant, and Brownsville.



  • According to the New York State Education Department, from 2011-2012 there were 69,545 homeless students registered in NYC Public Schools. One in every 5 children in New York Public Schools are homeless
  • African-American and Latino New Yorkers are disproportionately affected by homelessness. Approximately 53 percent of New York City homeless shelter residents are African-American, 32 percent are Latino, 7 percent are white, 1 percent are Asian-American, 1 percent are Native American or other race/ethnicity, and 6 percent are of unknown race/ethnicity.
  • After Superstorm Sandy of 40,000 New Yorkers where left homeless.

Sources: New York Department of Homeless Services – HOPE 2012, Homeless Research Institute, Coalition for the Homeless, National Alliance to End Homelessness, New York State Education Department



Fannie Barnes  provides career and family planning, educational, enrichment and permanent relocation services for all of our clients. We also provide these resources, as well as child care, a food pantry, and extracurricular activities to our local community as a preventative measure towards homelessness. Due to Superstorm Sandy, housing within Fannie Barnes’s Residence has been maxed. These individuals as well as the many other homeless families serviced by Fannie Barnes need both permanent housing and the provision of supportive services.  A growing homeless population and continuous state and federal budget cuts have made it increasingly difficult for Fannie Barnes to provide these  resources. Fannie Barnes needs your help in order to continue servicing needy families and the community. It takes all of us to build our community! Let’s build together!


Help Urban-Strategies Fannie Barnes Residence continue to provide crucial services and resources in the battle against homelessness! Join us as we fundraise and advocate during our Second Annual Fannie Bowl Fundraiser and Family Night.

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